Speed Machines Design was founded by Paulo Rosas in 2011 in Los Angeles, CA, USA.  The goal was to create a leading design, branding,PR, and marketing studio in the motorsports industry, not just by increasing clients sales but their brand awareness, their fans loyalty and the authenticity of their culture. In racing, SMD provides impactful and memorable presentations for teams that clearly feature the sponsor's image without looking like a moving billboard! They still say: RACING

How? Paulo is an advanced motorcycle track rider and all-things-racing enthusiast for over 25 years. A combination of this with his passion for design resulted in SMD, a DESIGN FROM WITHIN studio:

From within the scene and lifestyle, from within the paddock, events and weekends riding at the track, from within "design stories" and from within people's hearts and minds: Selling something people need, meaning that people "need" motor-sports? Of course! In this short life, they need adventure, entertainment, to live in the moment, excitement, contact with nature, to feel alive! And a sense of belonging to something special and out of the norm. THAT is what motorsports are all about and this core value is SMD's starting point.

With this in mind, Paulo designs with pride and no apologies. The result is reflected in his work. Authentic, tasteful, commercially innovative, creative solutions and design that clearly communicate the story of your brand. Only this approach will differentiate the voice of your brand in a sea of product and teams.

From the trackday rider/driver to racing teams and motorsports companies, SMD is one of the few studios 100% dedicated to DESIGN FOR SPEED MACHINES available to work with clients ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

On owning a Motorcycle:

"People don't know they need one" Jeremy McGrath