The CEV Repsol championship (Spain's national series), in case you don't know, is THE most important

national championship in the world, why? Well to beging with, it is now runned by Dorna, as a training and breeding ground for future MotoGP racers (I was going to say "stars" but I hate that term for moto racers,

I'll never forget seeing Casey Stoner at a MotoGP event in front of the Chainese Theather in Hollywood years ago, and a fan said to him: How does it feel being a celebrity?! , he responded: I am NOT a celebrity, I am a RACER.... )

I loved that response! yes!

A certain Marc Marquez and many others come from the CEV. Today there is a multitude of riders from other

than Spanish nationalities racing at CEV, so is not just spaniards coming out of it.

It is also al training ground for people in the whole racing structure, mechanics, managers, etc etc

Here is a behind the scenes look at a CEV Repsol weekend for my client Moto 3 team JJ Saez when I was in Barcelona.

Jesus owns a motorcycle shop in Talavera, a town 1 hr away from Madrid. It has 3 floors!

The basement one is the racing workshop, here the Suter Moto 3 is getting ready

Repsol racing gasoline of course

The shop is the middle floor, street level

The top floor has a bunch of collectable bikes!

Jesus is the team owner, rider manager (his 17 year old brother), he can build the whole bike, he is excellent at paint jobs (He did the Moto 3 paint job from the design I did for them and he restores classics) all in one!

I am sure he will go far in the biz

We drove 8 hrs from Talavera to Barcelona/Montmelo track, then all was set up

Maria Herrera is an amazing girl rider running for one of the top CEV Moto 3 team, Etrella Galicia/Monlau Competicion (Marquez came out of there too), I was surprised to see her at my friend's box. Monlau Competcion is an awesome moto mechanics school in Spain, the mechanics for the team were two nice

guys, students from Monlau getting experience and it turns out Maria is their cousin! all in the family :),

Notice the Speed Machines Design logo behind my head! box designed by SMD as well.

Honda Hospiyality, not as big as the MotoGP one, but nice still.

The bike had a "vibration", here the guys from Monlau try something on the swingarm.

Even the young daughter was interested on the thelemetry! they start young!

Our neighbours with a nice KTM

Calvo team in MotoGP and also CEV 

Bike is ready, livery by SMD of course!

Rider getting menatlly ready, racing suit by SMD

To the grid!


Look for the CEV Repsol races on you tube!


walking the track after all races were done