Just came back from the Laguna Seca WSBK 2014 round. Love racing at any level, so imagine at World level!

Always very cool to see THE fastest "production" bikes in the world in action.

The main sponsor (Salud and Casa) for the Moto 3 team at CEV Repsol that I work with, also does some sponsoring for Tony Elias in WSBK, they know each other well, so I had a chance to meet and chat with Tony, VERY nice guy!

AND he did very well at Laguna!

My friend Victor from Moto Club di Santa Monica moto store and I had a chance to hang out with

the Aprilia mechanics Saturday at a bar, thanks to our friend Michael Lee from Aprilia USA.

So the next day, also thanks to seeing Miguel Galluzi (Designer of the RSV4, must feel great seeing his world championship winning design in action!) there, we got a chance to see the Aprilia Box :)

and the mechanics in action after the warm up.

Also thanks to Guim Rioda, manager for the Kawasaki Factory team (Fingers crossed SMD does something with them next year! :), we got a chance to see their box.

he explained to me that because of weight, cost to transport, the "real" box walls, they bring these

other ones, that just "roll" up. Still cool to me!

Unlike the MotoGP boxes, the WSBK ones have the "main" telemetry guys/computer in front next to the bikes

at Kawasaki (Some others were in the back), Here Loris was gettin ready for the race.

Tony getting ready, don't know why he was getting suited up in the box :)